Myopia is a DISEASE

By 2050, half of the World’s population (close to 5 billion people) will have myopia (short-sightedness/ 近视) and ~92% of Singaporeans will suffer from it. Myopia is not correcting for clear vision with a pair of spectacles, but in fact the excessive growth of the eye ball which multiplies risks of eye diseases.

“Myopia is twice a big of a problem as obesity &
I set sight to halt global myopia epidemic”

Corporate Wellness Screening

Bringing convenience and vision screening to corporates/ organisations

Raising awareness of Primary Eye Care

Participating in community outreach

Eye Health Talks

Impact lives through talks, and masterclass to advocate importance of annual eye health check

Ken’s projects.

Bringing eye care to the underprivileged locals and international communities as I pledge to make a difference in their vision

Understanding my passion

Knowledge is power and I believe that if we are empowered with knowledge, and then applying them, we can make better decisions in our lives. And by preserving this most important asset, we can better our lives.

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